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Riddle me this, Batman: Our favourite riddles from The Riddler

While many of The Riddler’s quips are just gags or jokes, he’s at his best when he brings out the actual riddles. We’ve collected our favourites from each iteration of the Prince of Puzzlers. It’s also worth noting, The Riddler was co-created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang for Detective Comics #140 (October 1948), which is also the issue our very first […]

Present ideas for fans of escape rooms

You’ve got a week left before Christmas. If you’re still on the hunt for a present for the escape room fans in your life, look no further! Escape room gift vouchers This is the obvious one. Most escape rooms in South Australia have gift vouchers available. Grab them a gift voucher and let them plan […]

Escape Room tips for newbies

Want to be prepared for your first escape room or mystery room? Here are our top tips for getting through it with top marks! Assemble your escape room dream team Think carefully about who you do a mystery or escape room with, because it can greatly affect your experience. We’re not saying to not do […]

Which character from Escape Room are you?

I don’t wanna be here but I showed up anyway I’m gonna take this super seriously and win this cooperative experience It’s a lock, so I guess we’re looking for some sort of key? Ooh, let’s just decipher this uncrackable code in a matter of seconds This is the best room ever!