Case: Lucidity [#26226]

A nurse at Rockwell Asylum recently contacted us about an unusual case; a ‘Jane Doe’ patient who cannot speak or communicate in any way. They seem trapped within their own mind. Using an experimental drug, you can meld with this patient’s mind for one hour. Your mission is to find out who they are, help reconnect their memories, and discover how they ended up here.




3 - 6


60 minutes



Lucidity is primarily designed for adults and features themes that may not be appropriate for persons younger than 15 years of age.

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3 Players

$45per person

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Jessie S.

My parents and I tried The Missing Professor and it was great for our group of 3 adults. (Completed with only 2 minutes to spare). This was definitely the best escape room I've done so far, can't wait to try the other one next time I'm here!


I purchased The Missing Professor- Evening For Two package for my partner and I. It was such a great experience and we both loved it! The staff there are super lovely and have obviously put a lot of thought and care into what they do. A brilliant addition to Adelaide that we will be recommending to our friends. Thanks so much, guys!

Maddy B.

5 of us did the collectors room. It was really unique and so different to other escape rooms I've done. There were plenty of puzzles and mysteries to keep all of us entertained for the full hour so it really felt like we got our moneys worth. The staff were fantastic and we'll definitely be back to do the other room sometime soon!