The Urban Mysteries story

In 1945 random everyday objects across the globe begun to behave in strange and extraordinary ways.

No one knows exactly how, or where the objects abilities come from. Our scientists theorise the strange and unpredicatble abilities are connected to our advancement into the nuclear age. The science, for now, is beyond our understanding and the best we can do is contain the objects to prevent them from causing harm or ending up in dangerous hands.

Urban Mysteries Co, an exploration and trading company, came into posession of an object in 1945 which could locate other empowered objects. Since then Urban Mysteries Co have tasked themselves with responsibility to identify and contain the objects.

The abilities of a particular object are often unpredictable, in some cases they are benign such as the ball point pen that never runs out of ink, others can be practical, fantastical or simply dangerous. There appears to be no way to predict how an individual object will behave without trial and error.

Mysterious objects

Strange and mysterious objects are at the heart of Urban Mysteries Co cases. Check our archive of objects that have been discovered so far.

Object #161097/8

Status: Unknown
Containment date: Unknown
Danger level: Unknown
Origin: Unknown

#161097 & #161098 are space toys that cannot be separated. If the two toys are moved more than 10 metres apart they both begin rising in temperature to the point they will cause 3rd-degree burns.

Object #379178

Status: Unknown
Containment date: Unknown
Danger level: Unknown
Origin: Unknown

It appears that object #379178 can only be controlled by children under the age of 12. A Gumby figurine of unknown origin, this object provides the holder with the ability to transmogrify organic matter into inanimate objects. The first recorded victim was Ronald Edgar (the father of Thomas Edgar – item holder in 1978). Mr. Edgar was turned into a small orange clay horse.

Object #01813

Status: Secured
Containment date: 14/08/2003
Danger level: Medium
Origin: New Zealand

Taken by a mother to a local hospital in 2003, the jellybeans contained within this machine cause unexpected abilities within a person who consumes them. After eating a blue jellybean, the mother’s young child was reported to be able to float, approximately 3 inches from the ground for a period of 4 hours. Experimentation has been unable to identify the abilities of the jellybeans without being consumed by a human. The potential risks have been deemed too high for human experimentation.

Object #12209

Status: Secured
Containment date: 12/03/2020
Danger level: High
Origin: Australia

#12209 is a special variety of plant known as Amarelo Euphorbia. This plant was used by notorious eco-terrorist Audrey Bloom in an attempt to wipe out mankind. Agents discovered an unassuming shack in the middle of the woods that contained a doomsday machine set to all destroy human life using the Amarelo’s seeds. Thankfully, agents were able to follow clues left by Audrey’s late father, the celebrated scientist Seymour Bloom, and defuse the machine before it was too late.

Open cases

There is no rest for the wicked, and we always have open cases ready for investigation. Below are the cases we are able to release publicly. Though they haven’t yet been solved, we heavily suspect strange or anomalous objects may be at the heart of them.

Agent training

Need to get some practice cracking codes and solving ciphers before you take on a real case? Try out some of these brainteasers.

  • Choose the correct order
  • What is the missing number?
  • Decode the hidden message
  • What are the missing letters?