Book your session

Important booking information

  • You are booking a live experience which must commence at the booked time. If you arrive late your session time will be reduced. Allow 5-10 minutes for a game briefing before your session.
  • No person aged under 7 is permitted entry. Players aged 7-15 years must be supervised by at least one player aged 16 or over.

Questions about bookings

Do I need to book ahead?

All of our mystery room experiences must be pre-booked online. We do not accept walk-ins.

Can I bring along extra people even though I booked for less?

Provided the total number of players fits within the maximum player count shown on the rooms booking page you can add extra people. Any extra players will be able to pay for their entry fee on arrival.

Do you offer any rooms for solo players?

A minimum fee of $110 applies for a single-player booking. ‘The Missing Professor’ can be completed solo. Our other rooms are not available for solo players at this time.

Can I bring children?

Our mystery rooms are challenging adventures designed to be played by adults.

Children aged 7+ are welcome to participate in our rooms when accompanied by at least one player over the age of 16.

Due to potential risks, such as small items within our rooms we do not permit any person under the age of 7 entry.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly party package we recommend checking out Mindshift in the CBD who has a room designed for those 7-12 years old.

Will I be playing with other people?

When you make a booking with us you secure the room exclusively for your group.

If you have more questions about our rooms or bookings, check our FAQ.