Find the clues
Decipher the codes
Solve the mystery

Find the clues, decipher the codes, and solve the mystery in Urban Mysteries Mystery Rooms.

Mystery rooms are like escape rooms, but rather than getting in and out as quickly as possible, we want you to follow the story, solve the mystery, and answer a few questions along the way. Once you’ve finished the main quest, you’ll be able to spend the rest of your session completing side quests, solving more mysteries, and getting more points.

\\ Lab Note \\ Any everyday item has the potential to become a ‘charged’ object. Testing has determined the objects do not obey our known laws of physics.

The Missing Professor

We’ve been contacted by Lucy Mortimer, the granddaughter of Robert Mortimer. Lucy received a cryptic message from her grandfather about an anomalous object and now she’s lost contact with him. We need you to get into Professor Mortimer’s office and find out what happened!




2 - 6



The Collector

We recently dispatched an agent to investigate reports of disappearances at The Collector’s store. Now our agent has vanished and the case is still open. We’re running short of agents and could use some help to solve this one!




2 - 8




A nurse at Rockwell Asylum recently contacted us about an unusual case; a ‘Jane Doe’ patient who cannot speak or communicate in any way. Your mission is to find out who they are, help reconnect their memories, and discover how they ended up here.




2 - 6



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2 Players

$55per person

3 Players

$45per person

4 Players

$38per person

5+ Players

$34per person

Adelaide Escape Rooms with a twist

Take the case

Gather evidence, follow the clues, and find the object at the core of the room.

Unravel the mystery

Reveal the story around you, put the pieces together, and solve the mystery.

Solve side quests

Uncover additional plots and side adventures in your remaining time.

Complete the story

Solve the meta-mystery by completing all of our mystery rooms and online adventures

Questions about our Mystery Rooms

How many people can play at a time?

Each room has a minimum and a maximum number of players shown on the room information webpage, on average 6 players is the maximum.

Can I take photos or video in the game room?

We allow players to take their phones into our rooms and encourage you to take selfies in our suggested photo locations. We ask that you don’t take photos or videos of any puzzle elements. A photo opportunity is provided at the end of your experience to take any additional photos with your group.

Am I trying to escape? Will the doors be locked?

Although many of the doors and drawers in the room will be locked, you will not be trapped in the room, and the exit doors will be unlocked at all times. You have the full hour to investigate your case, so escaping is not the goal.

Are the rooms scary?

Not really. Our rooms are designed to be mysterious and sometimes suspenseful, but there are no jump-scares or scare actors to worry about.

If you have more questions about our rooms or bookings, check our FAQ.