Brainteasers and puzzlers

Need to get some puzzle-solving practice in before you start solving mysteries? Try out some of these brainteasers.

There are logic puzzles, mazes, perception puzzles, and more. Click on the puzzle to submit your answer and see if you got it right! You might need to do some sleuthing and learn some ciphers to get the more difficult puzzles.

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  • What are the next 3 letters?
  • What was it in 2007?
  • Where is Adam from?
  • What is this recipe for?
  • What is the password?
  • What does the plate say?
  • What does the plate say?
  • What’s the codeword?
  • Cryptic Clue #5
  • What are the missing numbers?
  • What’s the codeword?
  • What is the codeword?
  • Cryptic Clue #4
  • What’s the evacuation route?
  • Choose the correct order
  • What is the missing number?
  • Decode the hidden message
  • What are the missing letters?
  • Decode the name
  • Cryptic Clue #3
  • What colour paint tipped over?
  • Can you count the cats?
  • What’s the answer to the Cluedo puzzle?
  • Cryptic Clue #2
  • Which starting point can get through the hedge maze?
  • What would the next letter be?
  • Pick the missing piece
  • Cryptic Clue #1
  • What is the missing number?
  • Which corner can make it to the centre?