Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about getting here

If you’d like info on public transport or directions, check our Find Us page.

Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

Disability access is by prior arrangement only and must be indicated on your booking.

In order to access our venue by wheelchair persons will be required to utilise a chair lift, before accessing the main lift to level 1 (the maximum space in the lift is 1200x1300mm). Our mystery rooms have doorways of 800mm wide. Access to our bathroom facilities requires clearance of one step (120mm).

Where should I park?

Multi-story car parks are located nearby on Gawler Place (north), Wyatt Street, and Grenfell Street (Rundle Place). Street parking on weekdays is limited to one hour so we recommend parking in a complex. On weekends plenty of parking is available in nearby streets, on Pirie and Flinders Streets.

Questions about bookings

Do I need to book ahead?

All of our mystery room experiences must be pre-booked online. We do not accept walk-ins.

Can I bring along extra people even though I booked for less?

Provided the total number of players fits within the maximum player count shown on the rooms booking page you can add extra people. Any extra players will be able to pay for their entry fee on arrival.

Do you offer any rooms for solo players?

A minimum fee of $110 applies for a single-player booking. ‘The Missing Professor’ can be completed solo. Our other rooms are not available for solo players at this time.

Can I bring children?

Our mystery rooms are challenging adventures designed to be played by adults.

Children aged 7+ are welcome to participate in our rooms when accompanied by at least one player over the age of 16.

Due to potential risks, such as small items within our rooms we do not permit any person under the age of 7 entry.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly party package we recommend checking out Mindshift in the CBD who has a room designed for those 7-12 years old.

Will I be playing with other people?

When you make a booking with us you secure the room exclusively for your group.

Questions about Refunds & Cancellations

I have to cancel, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds, however, changes can be made to bookings with 48 hours’ notice, this can be done by replying to the confirmation email you received (or emailing us at

One of my group members didn’t show up, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds if a member of your party is unable to attend. If you are uncertain as to your final numbers we recommend booking for the minimum, you can then add any extra players on arrival.

What happens if we’re running late for our booking?

The game timer commences at the booked time, where a customer arrives late (within 30 minutes of their booked starting time) they may participate in their booked game for the time remaining. Where a customer arrives after 30 minutes from their booked starting time they will not be permitted to commence their game, no refunds or changes to the booking can be made.

Questions about our Mystery Rooms

How many people can play at a time?

Each room has a minimum and a maximum number of players shown on the room information webpage, on average 6 players is the maximum.

Can I take photos or video in the game room?

We allow players to take their phones into our rooms and encourage you to take selfies in our suggested photo locations. We ask that you don’t take photos or videos of any puzzle elements. A photo opportunity is provided at the end of your experience to take any additional photos with your group.

Am I trying to escape? Will the doors be locked?

Although many of the doors and drawers in the room will be locked, you will not be trapped in the room, and the exit doors will be unlocked at all times. You have the full hour to investigate your case, so escaping is not the goal.

Are the rooms scary?

Not really. Our rooms are designed to be mysterious and sometimes suspenseful, but there are no jump-scares or scare actors to worry about.

Questions about what’s nearby

Do you have a bar?

We do not have a bar. We recommend heading to The Historian Hotel, located directly adjacent us, for your post game drinks.

Do you have food?

No we do not. We recommend checking out the various food options on Pirie Street just around the corner.