Case: The Collector [#13985]

Something strange is happening on Main Street. We’ve had multiple reports of people going into The Collector’s Games and never coming out. We sent an agent in to investigate and now they’ve disappeared too.

Intel suggests that a powerful object is inside the building. We’re unsure what it looks like or what it’s capable of, but in the wrong hands, it is almost certainly dangerous.

We need you to get into the shop, find out where our agent has gone, collect evidence, and retrieve the object.




2 - 8


60 minutes



Recommended for 3 or more players. We recommend only playing with 2 players if you are an experienced escape room team.

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2 Players

$55per person

3 Players

$45per person

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5+ Players

$34per person


What a fun day out! Did the ‘collector’ room, Adam made the experience extremely memorable :) highly recommended

Jaimee L.

We do a lot of escape rooms, and Urban Mysteries was totally different and exciting. We did "The Collector" room and immediately the time and detail put into the aesthetic was noticeable. The puzzles are great, challenging and not too linear, so your team can split up easily to do puzzles in smaller groups or individually, which gives everyone a chance to shine. My favourite thing was that you get the opportunity to complete more puzzles once you've "solved" the room, giving you real value for money if you manage to get through the central story fast enough. Can't wait to come back and try more of their rooms!


Can't recommend this place highly enough! We did the Collector room and it was so unique and exciting! The tech was fantastic, the puzzles were so wild and varied, and the hints were well-timed and great. The goal of solving a mystery as well as escape was really exciting, as were the little extra mysteries we got to solve after the main goal was achieved. After doing a bunch of escape rooms and usually escaping with a good 10-15 mins to go (not a brag my friends are just so smart) it was so neat to feel the satisfaction of completing a room but still keep solving puzzles for the whole hour! We had a good chat to an employee afterwards and his humour and charm really capped off a fantastic experience. We'll definitely be back!