Case: The Missing Professor [#42003]

We’ve been contacted by Lucy Mortimer, the granddaughter of Robert Mortimer. Lucy received a cryptic message from her grandfather about an anomalous object and now she’s lost contact with him.

Minutes ago, we received an alarm signal from Mortimer’s travel agency. Right after that, the power was cut and someone was seen running from the building. Your mission is to investigate the break-in, locate Mortimer, and secure the anomalous object.

We need you to get into Professor Mortimer’s office and find out what happened!




2 - 6


60 minutes



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Fantastic experience! We completed the "Missing Professor" room and thoroughly enjoyed it! Has everything that you know and love in an escape room, with a few different elements that sets it apart from other rooms. After solving the main story puzzle in the room, there are some additional challenges to really squeeze those brain juices out (and get the most out of the full hour)!

Catherine D.

This was my first escape room experience and I was a bit nervous as I suffer from claustrophobia. I had no issues whatsoever and the game was so much fun. The boys have done a great job to make this a memorable, safe and interesting experience. Well done guys ..... we will be back!

Jessie S.

My parents and I tried The Missing Professor and it was great for our group of 3 adults. (Completed with only 2 minutes to spare). This was definitely the best escape room I've done so far, can't wait to try the other one next time I'm here!