Solve detective cases and unravel the mysteries to escape the room.

Urban Mysteries Co, Adelaide's newest Escape Room venue

Come explore our Adelaide-designed and built meta-mystery rooms.

Take a case within our rich narrative-driven world, gather clues, help us to identify strange objects, and unravel the secrets to solve the mystery. Our mystery rooms are exciting and brain-bending experiences for 2 – 8 people.

How do our Mystery Rooms work?

Take the case

Gather evidence, follow the clues, and find the object at the core of the room.

Unravel the mystery

Reveal the story around you, put the pieces together, and solve the mystery.

Score bonus points

Uncover additional plots and side adventures in your remaining time to score bonus points.

Complete the story

Solve the meta-mystery by completing all of our mystery rooms and online adventures

Is a Mystery Room like an Escape Room?

It is, but it’s also so much more! Meta-mystery rooms are jam-packed with stories!

Rather than getting in and out as quickly as possible, we want you to take your time. Once you’ve finished the main quest, you’ll be able to spend the rest of your session completing side quests, solving more mysteries, and getting more points.

The Collector

Brand new room

People keep disappearing and we’re sure The Collector is involved. Now our investigating agent has vanished and we’re in need of help to solve the case.

Are you ready?

We're ready for you. Choose your case!

View cases

2 Players

$42per person

3 Players

$38per person

4 Players

$36per person

5+ Players

$34per person

The Urban Mysteries Bar

We’ve got a range of beers and cocktails, as well as a full alcohol-free menu. If you’re in adventuring mode you can hire one of the tabletop escape room games on offer or take on Sid’s Diner, our 30-minute mini-mystery room.