It's like an escape room, but with more fun, more puzzles and more mystery!

Urban Mysteries Co, Adelaide's newest Escape Room venue

Challenging and mysterious Escape Rooms in Adelaide!

Take a case, gather clues, help us to identify strange objects, and unravel the secrets to solve the mystery. Our mystery rooms are exciting and brain-bending experiences for 2 – 8 people. If you’re looking for an escape room in Adelaide then look no further!

Adelaide Escape Rooms with a twist

Take the case

Gather evidence, follow the clues, and find the object at the core of the room.

Unravel the mystery

Reveal the story around you, put the pieces together, and solve the mystery.

Score bonus points

Uncover additional plots and side adventures in your remaining time to score bonus points.

Complete the story

Solve the meta-mystery by completing all of our mystery rooms and online adventures

Escape Rooms designed and built in Adelaide

The Collector Mystery Room by Urban Mysteries Co Escape Rooms Adelaide
The Missing Professor Mystery Room by Urban Mysteries Co Escape Rooms Adelaide

Is a Mystery Room like an Escape Room?

It is, but it’s also so much more! Meta-mystery rooms are jam-packed with stories!

Rather than getting in and out as quickly as possible, we want you to take your time. Once you’ve finished the main quest, you’ll be able to spend the rest of your session completing side quests, solving more mysteries, and getting more points.

To help you along your journey you’ll have one of our agent tablets, along with one of our operatives guiding you from the UMCO control room.

3 people posing for a photo in The Collector at Urban Mysteries Co escape rooms

Are you ready?

We're ready for you. Choose your case!

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2 Players

$55per person

3 Players

$45per person

4 Players

$38per person

5+ Players

$34per person

The Mystery Bar

A great place to catch up for drinks before your mystery room, or to debrief in after your adventure, our Mystery Bar is hides a few secrets of it’s own. We have a fully stocked bar with beers, wines, cider, cocktails on tap and spirits (both alcoholic and non alcoholic)

Want a little more mystery in your life?

Follow our Facebook page to get more puzzles and to find out when new rooms are announced! We even share news from other fellow Adelaide escape rooms!

Tracy S.

Adult daughter was visiting so we were looking for something a bit different to do. We'd seen a number of escape rooms around the city and though they sounded like fun. After a little research we decided Urban Mystery" The Missing Professor room was the go. The initial briefing was informative and gave us enough information to complete the room. A great time was had by all.


My family and I had a great time! Can't wait to go back and try and solve another case!


Fantastic experience! We completed the "Missing Professor" room and thoroughly enjoyed it! Has everything that you know and love in an escape room, with a few different elements that sets it apart from other rooms. After solving the main story puzzle in the room, there are some additional challenges to really squeeze those brain juices out (and get the most out of the full hour)!