How do you play a meta-mystery room?

Here’s what you’re doing…

1. Collect your team & your equipment

Once you and your team arrive you’ll be issued with a standard edition Urban Mysteries Co tablet. This will help guide you through your experience. You’ll be using your tablet to input codes and communicate with UMCo HQ.

2. Scour the room & look for the icons

There’s a lot going on in our rooms. You’ll need a keen eye to figure what is vital to your goal. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep an eye out for the icons around the room. If you find something that has an icon that you can’t see in the app, then that might be for a future puzzle.

3. Unravel the mystery

Follow the clues and piece together the story. Make sure to keep an eye on messages through the tablet and pay attention to details to uncover the secrets. This will help you to follow the clues and ultimately find the object at the heart of the mystery.

4. Score bonus points

Uncover additional plots and side adventures in your remaining time to score bonus points. Once you complete the main quest on your tablet you will unlock all of the side-quests, so go back and explore the room anew!

The arcade machine in The Collector Mystery Room

5. Connect the stories

Connect the dots and solve the meta-mystery by completing all of our rooms and online adventures.