Accessibility and inclusion

Urban Mysteries Co is committed to providing and continually improving services to our diverse community, including people with disability, their families, and carers. We strive to continually improve access to services for everyone to participate in and enjoy our experiences.


We pride ourselves on ensuring our services are inclusive and accessible for all regardless of ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, or sexual orientation.

LGBTQI+ employer and welcoming space

We welcome members of the LGBTIQ+ community to enjoy our mystery room experiences within our LGBTIQ+ friendly and safe space. We are an LGBTIQ+ employer and a recognised Welcoming Place with ACON. We seek to be part of the positive social change within Australia.

Access and disability

We design our experiences with disability and access in mind, ensuring all participants can have a fun and rewarding experience. As we are located within an older building there are physical limitations. The below information and images provide an overview of the accessibility constraints within our venue.

Access to our separate male and female bathroom facilities requires a traversal of a 120mm step. Cubicles within the bathrooms have door widths of 600mm. We do not currently have accessible bathrooms available.

In an emergency, we have fire-rated stairwells located at the front and rear of the building (within 20m of any point on the floor), and a landing area is available to wait within until appropriate support arrives for persons unable to evacuate.

Within our venue, all areas are accessible via 800mm doorways.

Our Mystery Rooms utilise atmospheric lighting at low levels, between 400-600 lux. Spotlighting is provided in key areas. Lighting can be increased upon request while in the Mystery Room.

Some puzzles within our rooms utilise colour, where this occurs alternative methods of identification have been used to assist persons who are colour-blind to identify related items that may be required to complete the challenge.

Alternative disability access

Our main entrance located at 25 Coromandel Place requires players to climb two sets of stairs to the first floor. Alternative lift access is available by prior notice.

The ground floor lift foyer can be accessed from street level at 102 Gawler Place, a series of four steps is required to access the lift – a chair lift is available.

The dimensions of the steps are:

  • Goings: 320mm
  • Risers: 160mm

The elevator will transport you to the first floor. The lift car dimensions are 1400mm deep x 1300mm wide with an access door of 900mm. A support rail and accessible buttons are provided at mid-height.

Contact us

For questions about access please contact us.