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Escape Room tips for newbies

Want to be prepared for your first escape room or mystery room? Here are our top tips for getting through it with top marks! Assemble your escape room dream team Think carefully about who you do a mystery or escape room with, because it can greatly affect your experience. We’re not saying to not do […]

Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions

Another escape room movie review! Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions is the sequel to 2019’s Escape Room. Not to be confused with Escape Room, Escape Room, or Escape Room. In this chapter, the franchise takes a page out of The Hunger Games’ book and reunites winners of previous games in what they super subtly […]

Our favourite movies for fans of escape rooms

Movies to watch once you’ve seen all fifty movies titled some variety of “escape room”. Circle (2015) Held captive and faced with their imminent executions, fifty strangers are forced to choose the one person among them who deserves to live. Circle is the bottle episode of movies. A bunch of strangers find themselves standing in […]

Which character from Escape Room are you?

I don’t wanna be here but I showed up anyway I’m gonna take this super seriously and win this cooperative experience It’s a lock, so I guess we’re looking for some sort of key? Ooh, let’s just decipher this uncrackable code in a matter of seconds This is the best room ever!