Press release – Adelaide escape room opening


Urban Mysteries Co, located at 25 Coromandel Place, Adelaide

Three Adelaide friends, David, Adam and Drew are the brains behind Urban Mysteries Co, an escape room experience on Coromandel Place in the heart of the CBD. The trio previously collaborated on board game bar and café ‘BrainHackr’, which closed its doors when Covid-19 first hit Adelaide. Recognising a need to pivot the business they began selling board games online while also developing an app-based escape game, Urban Mysteries grew from this idea and each room features an electronic tablet that guides players through their experience.

With a one-hour time limit players must work together to gather clues and crack puzzles in order to solve the mystery. The Urban Mysteries rooms aren’t just filled with puzzles though, they also contain a rich and immersive story that you piece together as you play. Completing multiple rooms will help uncover a deep meta-mystery and the secrets behind the rooms.

Can you solve the mystery of ‘The Collector’

When entering Urban Mysteries on Level 1 at 102 Gawler Place, you are immediately immersed in the story universe, walking through a dark back alley you first notice a sign on the pavement ‘report strange objects here’ which takes you into the Urban Mysteries office. After a quick game briefing, you are taken to one of the ‘local businesses’ down the alley where strange occurrences have been reported. Each Urban Mysteries story is based around an object of strange abilities. Some are benign, some are powerful, whether they fall into good or bad hands is now up to you.

Mysterious objects scattered amongst the bar

For those looking for more adventure, you’ll find an early 2000s video shop in the Urban Mysteries alley way, solve a puzzle within and you’ll be shown a secret entrance to the cocktail mystery bar. Available on Friday and Saturday nights for those over 18 the mystery bar provides a scavenger hunt within its ‘strange objects’ collection, a 20 minute 1945 mini escape room and a huge range of card based escape room games you can play with friends at a table while enjoying the cocktail menu.

Bar serving SA beers and wines, with a full cocktail menu (also available alcohol free)

Urban Mysteries Co mystery rooms are available Wednesday to Sunday and start from $34 per person, bookings can be made online at

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