Lucidity: New Escape Room now open at Urban Mysteries Co

Just in time for Urban Mysteries Co’s first birthday, UMCo has now opened a brand new room: Lucidity.

This week has seen Lucidity’s first visitors. It has already proven to be the most difficult room at the venue.

Lucidity is great for small groups or experienced couples. There are observation puzzles, memory and perception challenges, ciphers, and more! As with all Urban Mysteries escape rooms, groups go in with one of our special Urban Mysteries tablets.

A nurse at Rockwell Asylum recently contacted us about an unusual case; a ‘Jane Doe’ patient who cannot speak or communicate in any way. They seem trapped within their own mind. Using an experimental drug, you can meld with this patient’s mind for one hour.

Your mission is to find out who they are, help reconnect their memories, and discover how they ended up here.