Escape & Mystery Rooms in Adelaide

Challenging and mysterious Escape Rooms in Adelaide!

Take a case, gather clues, help us to identify strange objects, and unravel the secrets to solve the mystery.

Our mystery rooms are exciting and brain-bending experiences for 2 – 8 people. If you’re looking for an escape room in Adelaide then look no further!

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James C.

We really loved the Lucidity room we did. It's got a twist unlike other escape rooms we've done. A notch up from the norm. It was really engaging and satisfying. I'll be back for more!

Jaimee L.

We do a lot of escape rooms, and Urban Mysteries was totally different and exciting. We did "The Collector" room and immediately the time and detail put into the aesthetic was noticeable. The puzzles are great, challenging and not too linear, so your team can split up easily to do puzzles in smaller groups or individually, which gives everyone a chance to shine. My favourite thing was that you get the opportunity to complete more puzzles once you've "solved" the room, giving you real value for money if you manage to get through the central story fast enough. Can't wait to come back and try more of their rooms!

Catherine D.

This was my first escape room experience and I was a bit nervous as I suffer from claustrophobia. I had no issues whatsoever and the game was so much fun. The boys have done a great job to make this a memorable, safe and interesting experience. Well done guys ..... we will be back!