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There was only ever one recorded escape from Z Ward. A man named George Brown managed to escape from his room and shimmy along the pipes on the outside of the building until he found a suitable spot to leap over the wall.

Our question is how did he get out of his room? Follow these steps and use the cipher to find out!

There will be a clue at each of these steps, so make sure you keep notes of the letters you find at each step. You will not end up on the floor you began. Take your time, and pay attention to the details.

  1. Find the shower block
  2. Go to the room directly opposite
  3. Leave this room, head right and find this symbol (M)
  4. Continue onto the black and seek first aid
  5. Raise yourself up
  6. Look up to the empty circle and enter the door below
  7. Head north and mop fortnightly
  8. Go south and stop north of thirty
  9. Head across to Make a Daring Escape

How did George Brown escape from Z Ward?

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