The Botanist is an escape room experience suitable for groups of 2-4 people brought to you by Urban Mysteries Co and the BrainHackr team. We combine adventure, gamification and technology to bring you one of the most immersive escape experiences.

You will have 60 minutes to piece together the story, solve the mystery and escape impending doom!

1-4 people
$35 per person
60 minutes

Bookings can be made online up to 1 hour before the desired session time.
For last minute bookings call us on 08 7222 5939

You have

60 minutes

to save the world

Can you do it?

You can find The Botanist at
BrainHackr Board Game Bar & Cafe.

208 Prospect Rd,
Prospect, South Austalia

Things you should know

 Arrive 15 minutes early
Arrive 15 minutes early

To make sure you get the full time in the room please get here early. We’d hate for you to be rushed, and there are some things we need to cover before your adventure begins.

 We can look after your valuables
We can look after your valuables

You’ll have to survive your adventure with only what we give you. Don’t worry about what to do with your things, we’ll take care of them for you while you’re in the room.

No spoilers please
No spoilers please

We would love you to share your experience with others but please don’t share the secrets of the room, no photos are allowed in the room itself

Have questions?

We’ve got answers!

How can I pay?

All bookings must be paid for in full at the time of booking. If you make a booking for 2 players and have an additional person(s) come along they will be able to pay on arrival.

Can I get a refund if I can’t come, or if some of my player’s don’t turn up? 

The room is booked exclusively for you at the time slot you select. Once a booking is made, we are unable to offer that slot to anyone else. Bookings are therefore final, and no refunds are offered. We suggest if you are unsure as to the final numbers that you book for a 2-player game and pay for any remaining players on the day.

Can I book for more than 4 players? 

To ensure a great experience for all players our room is limited to 4 players 

Is there an age limit? 

Our rooms are best suited for persons 18 and over. Any persons under 18 must be accompanied by an authorised guardian.

What happens in an emergency?

Before entering your escape room you’ll be briefed on the emergency instructions. The room will be locked using an electronic lock which has a manual release button. Pressing the manual release will end the entire session.

How long will the session last?

Our room has been designed to take an average of 50-60 minutes to complete. It’s a challenging room and many players don’t make it all the way through.

Do you serve food and drink?

After your game you can enjoy a range of food and drinks in our board game bar and café 

Is the room wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, due to the age of the building we are in our rooms are not wheelchair accessible 

Form your team of up to four people and pit your wits against the challenge that is The Botanist. You’ll need quick thinking, great teamwork and unique daring to make your way through and save the world.

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