Work together to solve the mystery and discover skills you didn't know your team members had!

A mystery room is an interactive experience in which you and your coworkers work together to find clues, complete puzzles, and solve a mystery. Our rooms are great for team-building events, social club outings, and corporate training.

At Urban Mysteries Co we don’t do trust falls or silly games. We have full mystery rooms that require communication, teamwork, and lateral thinking. We have three rooms to choose from and our game masters will work to ensure your team gets the most out of your experience.

Why Choose a Mystery Room for Your Team-Building Exercise?

Mystery rooms are the ultimate team-building exercise. Our experiences require cooperation and communication across rooms. We don’t just pit teams against each other. Everyone needs to work together to solve the mystery, and you might discover skills you didn’t know your team members had!

Bring your team together in new ways!

There’s a difference between team bonding and team building, but they are both super important. Completing a mystery room together can help bond your team members in a way that will improve the culture of your office. The experience of taking on the challenge and working together to solve the mystery creates a bond like few other activities can.

Team building

Our standard team building offer helps to create a shared experience amongst your team members.

Your team will be divided into 2-3 smaller groups to tackle a combination of our rooms.

Each group will spend 30 minutes in either The Collector, The Missing Professor or Sid’s Diner solving an exclusive mystery written just for corporate events.

After 30 minutes your team will be taken to our bar where they can debrief while we prepare their next adventure. The teams will then spend a further 30 minutes in an alternate room. By the end each group will have plenty of stories to share and compare how they did in the rooms!

At the end of the session you can choose to debrief in our bar, drinks can be purchased as a group or individually.

Available for 10 – 18 players. Each player will experience two rooms for a total one hour duration, with a 15 minute break between rooms.

Book your team building session using the exclusive corporate booking form below.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

WOW! What an awesome place! We recently had a work function here and were super excited as we normally do an Escape Room each time. This one did not disappoint and went beyond what I was hoping for. We had an amazing time, heaps of fun, lots of mystery, intrigue and came out full of adrenaline.