Case: Sid’s Diner [#26747]

Go back to the beginning, back to 1945 when the mysterious objects began to appear. Sid’s Diner was located near an epicentre of object activity. Some consider the objects from Sid’s to be the original objects and most powerful. There are many parties scouring the country for items, and one unknown man has disappeared with one of them. Explore Sid’s Diner and help us figure out where he’s gone, fast!




2 - 4


20 minutes



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Sid's Diner is a 20 minute mystery set within The Mystery Bar. Once you've solved the mystery each player will choose a cocktail from our tapped cocktail range to sip while you try to solve the mystery of 'The Wall'. The Sid's Diner experience is limited to a total of one hour unless additional drinks packages are purchased. Sid's Diner is within a licensed bar and only available to players over the age of 18.

Ella G.

Incredible rooms with so much attention to detail! The whole experience was super unique and the perfect amount of challenging. We loved that the puzzles didn't stop after we finished the room as well. If I could rate this 6 stars I would!

Charlie D.

had the most amazing experience tonight! the staff were so friendly and the puzzles were fantastic; you can tell so much love and thought went into the design of everything and it pays off!! will absolutely be back asap!!

Chris P.

Urban Mysteries Co is a new take on the escape room idea. The goal isn't simply to 'escape' in the fastest time, but to solve a main story and then complete side-quests within the rooms. It is great to see a new format, and the team are great fun and made us feel extremely welcome. We've already been back just to enjoy the bar. If you're in Adelaide, check them out. If not, make the trip anyway.